AOL mail not working on iPhone

AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone?

AOL mail works on both web-based application and can also be accessed from the AOL Desktop Gold software. The email application is compatible with both IOS and Android devices. One can either install the AOL mail app in the smartphone or can add an account in the Mail settings. However, if an operator comes across any issue with the smooth functioning of AOL mail, then it becomes obligatory to rectify the fault. One of the most common question which can occur with this service is when it stops working on the iPhone. If you are in this situation and want to get out, then you can perform the troubleshooting steps given in this blog or can get in touch with the specialized professionals at AOL mail support number.

Following are the solutions by which you can resolve this issue:

Elucidation 1- Activating the Airplane mode

This is one of the easiest and universal solutions that work for all iPhone versions. The users need to close all the tabs that are open on the screen, switch off the cellular data, and activate the airplane mode. Wait for one or two minutes, and then you can disable the airplane mode, and switch on the data. After that try opening the AOL mail. If the issue doesn’t get solved, then move to the next solution

 Elucidation 2- Verifying the Network settings and disabling/enabling the Wi-Fi connectivity

This solution can surely work if they resolve the problems related to internet connectivity. To do that, follow the steps given below:

  • Unlock the iPhone with the passcode
  • Tap on the ‘Settings’ and click on the option of Reset
  • After that tap on ‘Reset network settings’
  • Doing this Reset the network options of Wi-Fi, VPN, and APN
  • You can also switch off the Wi-Fi modem of your home and then turn it on. Now try connecting the device with the home network and see if the issue is resolved or not.

Elucidation 3- Delete the AOL account and add it again

If the two methods did not resolve the problem, then there is a problematic issue which lies beyond the network connectivity. The next option that you can apply is to delete the AOL account

  • On your iPhone, click on the Settings icon and search for ‘Accounts and Password’
  • After that find AOL Mail account and long press the icon to open a menu-bar
  • Click on the option of delete account
  • After that again go back to ‘Accounts and Password’
  • Select the preference of ‘Add a mail account.’
  • Provide your AOL mail login credentials

Elucidation 4- Device firmware or Ios software glitch

It can happen now and again when the users ignore the message of updating their device firmware; the applications stop working. It is opined that you update or install all the recent updates that are impending. You can reset the settings

Elucidation 5- Use AOL application instead of the Mail app

It is always better that you download and install the AOL mail app from Appstore rather than working on it from the Mail application already embedded in the device. You can install the app and save your login credentials. This enables you to read the mails from the notifications too.

Elucidation 6- Use AOL mail on the web-browser

If nothing works, then you can launch the AOL mail on your preferred web browser and use the service from there. This can be done in case of urgency.

Elucidation 7- Contact AOL customer support

If even after going through all the given steps, you still find that this trouble is not getting resolved, then kindly talk to the technical masters by reaching out to AOL mail customer care where the connoisseurs arrange for you with the paramount solution.

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