AOL Desktop Gold for Windows & Mac

AOL desktop Gold, the updated and more advanced version of AOL software is a web browser that has been designed to give the users hassle-free experience. It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating system and to install AOL Desktop Gold in your system; the users are required to take the premium subscription and move through the process of installing AOL software first. The software also offers the feature of emails, chats, playing games, watching videos, etc.

The software provides a range of services as provided by AOL. With a user-friendly interface, the desktop application is added with security features. The most amazing feature about this software is the auto updates, and the updates get downloaded as soon as you connect to the internet. Many people who have been using the AOL software will also find the transition smooth due to easy user-navigation. Its recommended that if you haven’t upgraded the version, you do that without wasting time because there are chances that AOL software will soon lose its significance. The desktop icon is quite helpful as one can click on it and navigate to the software rather than every time going to another web browser and searching for the same. One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is that you cannot access AOL Gold for free and must take the subscription.

System Requirements

To download and install any software, the system requirements are a must, and the device’s firmware should be compatible with the software for an easy- and on-going process. To download AOL Desktop Gold in the operating system, the minimum system requirements that need to be met are,

  • Operating system-Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Processor– 266 MHZ
  • Screen Resolution– 1024 X 768
  • RAM– 1 GB
  • Disc space– 512 MB
  • Internet connection– Stable and working
  • Personal information– AOL Desktop Gold permits

Download AOL Desktop Gold

Steps to Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold

The process described below stands true if you are a new AOL member and have to start with the method from the base. The procedure to install AOL Desktop Gold for Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10 remain the same.

  • Step-1 Open the default web browser and type AOL and move to its home page.
  • Step-2 Click on ‘Get membership link.’
  • Step-3 It will take a little time for you to get the membership. Once done, create your AOL account. Do remember the username and password as it will be used for AOL Desktop Gold as well.
  • Step-4 After creating the login credentials, use that to official login to your AOL Id.
  • Step-5 Once you have logged in, browse the dashboard and look for ‘Manage My subscription,’ and after that, click on ‘Premium Subscription.’.
  • Step-6 Now click on ‘Get Started icon’ and after that begin the process of downloading AOL Gold in the software.
  • Step-7 After the process is complete, you will get a confirmation message on your email.
  • Step-8 Click on the link and install AOL Desktop Gold in the system.

Amazing Features of AOL Desktop Gold

It is not unlikely that this software has become the favorite of quite many people due to the astounding features and traits. The list of its features has been shared below and if you wish to understand more than you may visit the official website.

  • The Desktop Icon– After installing the software, AOL Desktop icon is created, which provides you easy access.
  • User-friendly transition and interface– If you are moving from AOL to AOL Desktop Gold, the transition is quite smooth as the software offers you a fantastic user-friendly interface.
  • Automatic updates– The software offers easy updates. You need to connect to the internet, and the process will start automatically.
  • Installation process simplified– You can easily download and install AOL Desktop Gold in the system, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a new member or wishing to upgrade the software
  • Stream videos and audios– With the help of this software, you can streamline videos and audios and enjoy the features

  • Printing documents– One can easily print the reports while working on this interface and doesn’t need to copy and paste the contents.
  • Chat room– With this service, the users can chat with different users and can also make their chat rooms personalized.
  • Enhanced security features– It offers anti-phishing and security features to keep you protected from virus and malware.

Common Issues while using AOL Desktop Gold

Even though AOL Gold is an incredible software and has a user-friendly interface, there are some problems which can arise with this software. It is advised that if you install AOL Desktop Gold properly, then the chances of these issues occurring can be minimized. Some of the common problems are discussed below and to resolve each of them; you can either take help from customer support or browse their official website.

  • AOL Desktop Gold automatic update not working
  • The Desktop icon is missing
  • Not able to install the software due to compatibility issues
  • AOL email sign in troubles
  • Unable to print the documents from the interface
  • AOL error code 104
  • The software fails to respond
  • Not able to use the chat room service
  • Not able to reset AOL Gold password
  • Unable to add seven different usernames

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