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Emails are an essential part of the life of every user. Emails are something which comes to use each and every day. Emails are used continuously for both personal as well as professional use. The services of an email come in handy when you wish to communicate with others. When using an email service, it provides the users with the facility of sending attachments along with the text body.

Among the several emails, service provides which are available in the market, AOL is one which cannot be ignored. AOL email is a free online-based email service which is brought to the users by AOL Inc. This email service provides users with some mind-blowing features. This service can be accessed from any part of the world using the internet. AOL has also ensured that its email service is well compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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This AOL email service was initially launched in the year 1993. This service of AOL is also referred to as AIM, which stands for AOL Instant Messaging. There are several features which AOL provides to its users. Some of these features include spam protection, spell checker, facility of sending attachments and several other. All these fantastic features make this email service a highly sought after email service all across the globe. The users also have the option of contacting the AOL customer service number, where they can attain more information regarding the software and the services that they provide.

AOL Email Helpline Number: 1-866-793-7492

Features of AOL Mail

AOL email was successfully able to garner a lot of attention with the help of some amazing features that they brought to the users. These features ensured that the users preferred AOL email over every other email service which was present in the market. Some of these services have been listed below for your reference:

  • Email Attachment Feature: This email service provide the users with the freedom to attach files up to 25 MB with their email. Users can now easily send, pictures, word files, and PDF files along with their emails.

  • Mail Box Size: AOL email provides its user with the mailbox size of 250GB, now you can easily store up to 1000 new messages, 4000 old messages, and 4000 sent message when the volume of each mail is 25MB.

  • Support Protocols: While using AOL email the users get the feature of linking other emails with their AOL email. The only thing that the user should have in mind is that the service which they want to sync should support any one of POP3, SMTP or IMAP protocols.

  • Control over Ads: When you are using AOL email you would have the added benefit where you can control the display of ads. It is designed in such a way that only the email account holder has the authority to enable or disable ads.

  • Protection against Spam: Spams are a core issue in the current scenario. The users can easily protect themselves from all the kind of spams that they might encounter using the spam protection feature that this email service provides. You would have the option of sending spam emails directly to the spam folder.

  • Virus Protection: AOL has focused on giving the users a secure environment and user interface. They have made sure that the users are always well protected against any cyber threat.

The above stated are a few among the several services that AOL brings to the users. This array of features is what makes AOL email stand apart from its competition. If you wish to learn more in detail about the services that this email service provides, then you can efficiently connect with AOL support. Through this customer support, you can get all the information that you are seeking.

Basic Requirement for AOL mail

When users wish to start using the services of AOL email, the only thing that they would have to give attention to would be the system requirements of this service. It is essential that your device caters to all the necessary system requirements of AOL email for it to function efficiently. If your system lacks on these requirements, you will face several issues while using the AOL Email service. The system requirements of AOL email is as given below:

Windows 7 or newer: AOL email works best with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and AOL Desktop Gold.

Mac OS X and newer: AOL email works the best when you have the latest version of Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on your Mac device.

If you are willing to use AOL email on your mobile device then ensure that you have:

  • iOS 9.3 or later
  • Android 4.4 or later

If you wish to know more about the system requirements of this service, you can attain the required information by ringing up the AOL helpline number.

Issues of AOL Mail

There is no email service which is immune to technical errors or glitches and AOL email is no different. The users would come across specific issues while using the services of AOL email. These issues are not something which would bother the users much and can be resolved using some easy troubleshooting methods. It is always essential that the user is well aware of the issue that they are encountering merely to find the most apt solution. Some of the common problems that the user would face while using AOL email has been stated below for your reference.

  • Error while signing into AOL email.
  • Problems faced while trying to add an attachment.
  • Issue of not being able to import contacts from AOL to Microsoft.
  • Problems faced when the AOL email account is hacked.
  • Malfunctioning faced when the user is unable to download the attachments.
  • Problem of not being able to access AOL email using the iPhone.
  • Error where users are denied access to their AOL email accounts.
  • Issue of having forgotten AOL email password.
  • Issue in authenticating two-way verification process.
  • Problem faced while trying to recover deleted emails from your account.

If you come across any of the above-stated issues while using AOL Email service, then there is nothing that you need to be worried. These issue won’t trouble you for long. You can take up some really easy troubleshooting steps by which you can solve these issues. The users can also take assistance from AOL technical support number. They would ensure that you attain instant relief from the issue that you are facing.

How to Contact AOL Customer Support?

AOL provides the user with an efficient way by which they can handle all the issues that they might have to face while using AOL email. They provide the user with assistance from highly trained and experienced professionals who are capable of providing users with instant solutions. They ensure that the users are not caught up with any issue for too long. They read the situation and the cause of the error and then provide solutions which would eradicate the issue from its roots. This service is available all around the clock, and the users can connect with them at any hour. This service provides users with 100% satisfaction. Moreover availing this service does not charge the users any money which makes it all the more convenient. The users simply have to dial the AOL customer support number, and they would get all the assistance that would be required.

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